The Top 7 Reasons to Call an Arborist

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Anyone who has a tree on their property – be it a solitary lemon tree in an inner-city courtyard, a shady specimen in a suburban garden or a grove of gums in a public park – may need the services of a qualified arborist at some stage.

It’s the same as going to a medical professional when your health isn’t 100%.  When you suspect one of your trees is unhealthy and needs help or for any other tree-related issue, you really should seek expert advice.

An arborist is trained in all aspects of tree care and can help keep your trees healthy and safe for many years.   Here are seven reasons you would turn to an arborist for help:

  1. Tree inspection

A tree inspection is a detailed assessment of the condition of a tree and can only be carried out by a qualified arborist.  An inspection may be requested for various different reasons but it is a sensible course of action for anyone who owns or manages land with trees on it in order to protect the public and surrounding infrastructure – and of course, to hopefully protect the tree!  There’s also nothing stopping a homeowner from organising a tree inspection to discover more about the trees on their property and to get expert advice on care and maintenance.

  1. Tree removal

There are many reasons why a tree has to be taken out (disease, overgrown, declared weed, property clearing etc) and it is always recommended that a professional carry out the job.  Removing a tree can be dangerous work and it can carry real risk to life and property which is why it’s a job for the experts.  Arborists are trained in all aspects of tree removal and will do the work safely, carefully and thoroughly.

  1. Maintenance and pruning

All trees – large and small – need pruning and maintenance for both health and aesthetic reasons.  However, it’s important to note that poor pruning can damage a tree for life.  A knowledgeable arborist will know exactly when and how to prune each particular species of tree for optimum health and looks, plus they have the right tools, techniques and methods to do the job properly.  It’s also important to remember that damage from a poorly maintained tree can cost much more than an arborist’s visit – so if your tree is looking unwieldy and overgrown, it’s probably time to call in the experts.

  1. When you think your tree is diseased

When your tree appears to be sick or diseased, you really need to call in a trusted ‘tree doctor’ to get the right diagnosis and treatment plan.  And that means calling an arborist.  They will inspect the tree, identify the issue and give specialised advice on how best to deal with the problem.  They will tell you whether the tree can be saved or whether its disease is terminal and removal is necessary.

  1. Emergency tree care

Sometimes, damage to a tree happens unexpectedly (eg during high winds or a storm) and emergency care is required because the job is too dangerous for an individual to handle.  Expert intervention is also necessary when parts of a tree grow (or fall) near a hazardous area such as a powerline or public footpath.

  1. Planting a new tree

If you’re planning on planting a new tree or new trees on your property, it’s smart to consult an arborist.  They can advise on what type of tree is best suited for the location eg climate, soil, prevailing winds etc.  They can also help you choose the most appropriate species for the purpose of the tree eg shade, screening, foliage, fruit etc.  A tree is a long-term investment and with an arborist’s knowledge and expertise, you have peace-of-mind that you’ve chosen the right type of tree, that it’s planted correctly and that you have the right nutrient and care plan for its healthy and strong growth.

If you have any of the above issues with a tree or trees on your property, it’s time to call an arborist.  They’ll help to preserve your trees, safeguard the planet’s vital green canopy and protect you and your property.  If you need an arborist in Perth, don’t hesitate to contact Dickies Trees at or on 08 9249 4077.  They have decades of experience in affordable tree services across the city and will get the job done quickly, safely, professionally and thoroughly.

Cameron Dickie

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