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Webble Guys are the developers of health and wellbeing platform, WebbleMove! created to address sedentary lifestyles (prolonged sitting, etc) which has been linked to a wide variety of adverse health issues, including; cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, overweight/obesity, dementia, numerous types of cancer and even the reduction of lifespan.

Overwhelming global scientific agreement now shows that a reduction of sedentary daily activities through the uptake of light physical activity can not only reduce disease risk but significantly improve both physical and mental health and wellbeing.

WebbleMove! is an easily customisable, physical activity demonstration and prompting program which can be accessed anywhere offering the opportunity to be regularly active. By following simple character animations, WebbleMovers are encouraged to complete simple and safe exercise physiologist approved tasks, which earn them “Webbles” (physical activity points). Participants can additionally invite others to form teams, compete and communicate through the integrated social media platform.

WebbleMove! is designed for deployment within corporate, school, hospital and aged-care settings where the collective opportunity for fun and engaging, safe, low-impact physical activity is currently limited.


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