Partner&Prosper –


Hospitality & Event Management Services


  • Administrative and Support Services
  • Agile project management
  • Business Events
  • Educational Events
  • Event Consultants
  • Media launches and events
  • Professional consulting services
  • Project Coordination
  • Project Management

We're a project management company, we just happen to run events (mostly)!

Partner&Prosper was formed to apply process skills, with critical thinking and creative alignment.

Our focus is on providing creative projects with structure, balance and heart, a philosophy to 'Connect | Collaborate | Innovate' and a razor sharp focus on the development of your project assets.

If you have a tribe / membership / community that you need to connect to, call us, it's free to chat, and let's see if we can help you, or not. We won't waste your time if our service is not right for you.

And if you have provide a service that will complement our service, it's still free to chat!


73 116 626 307